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The Workshop

The 2-day sales-mind flagship workshop

An accredited sales-mind facilitator delivers the workshop in an engaging, interactive, pragmatic and power point freestyle.

The content is presented with 5 recurring themes all of which augment and influence the core modules of focus, resilience, motivation, confidence and empathy.

Each delegate receives a comprehensive workbook that follows the workshop chronologically. It has been designed to enable ease of learning and onward application of the core concepts with a self-development checklist and a personal commitments page aligned to each module.

The workshop learning outcomes

The recurring themes:


The ability to be in the moment not catastrophising about the future, regressing in the past but being focused and present.

Aggregation of marginal gains:

A concept popularised by Sir Dave Brailsford with his work with the Sky Cycling team. The model allows us to evaluate every bit of our working practices to ascertain where improvements however small can be made.

The Chimp:

Introducing how evolution impacts our thinking in the 21C. Our automatic fight, flight, freeze reactions can hijack our best intentions and how to manage our inner chimp and develop an emotional pause button.


Our brains are malleable and change depending on what we focus and practice. This knowledge is both motivating and challenging. It is motivating in that we can improve on any area in our lives we choose to. Challenging in that it is down to us.

Delayed gratification:

Drawn from the famous ‘marshmallow' social experiment from the 1960s where school kids were given the option of having one marshmallow now or 2 if they waited for a further 15 minutes. Delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward to receive a more significant or more enduring compensation later.  A growing body of literature has linked the ability to delay gratification to a host of other positive outcomes, including academic success, physical health, psychological health, and social competence.

Focus module

  • Defining the sales process- those activities that make success happen
  • Evaluation of time allocated to essential tasks (now v ideal)
  • How to manage distraction and displacement activities
  • The control, influence and accept model.
  • The multitasking myth
  • Understanding the urgent v important time management model and how to use it
  • Identifying key success areas (important but not urgent)
  • Weekly plan-do-review methodology
  • Practical tools focused on the execution of the weekly plan
  • Effective email and device management

Resilience module

  • The importance of resilience and persistence in the sales role
  • Negativity bias why we are genetically wired to remember bad experiences
  • The part that positive thinking plays in building resilience
  • Learned optimism and explanatory styles a model for turning adversity into learning opportunities
  • The premortem technique pre-planning for roadblocks and barriers
  • Taking control of our emotions when it gets tough, knee jerk reaction v a considered response


  • Intrinsic v extrinsic motivation (from the inside out or the outside in)
  • What motivates us as individuals and teams
  • The part that money plays in motivation
  • The intrinsic motivation of purpose autonomy and mastery
  • Our values and aligning our behaviour to our values
  • Growth mindset v fixed mindset
  • The talent myth


  • The contextual part of confidence
  • Competency-based confidence v arrogance
  • The building blocks to competency-based confidence
  • Dealing with and compartmentalising criticism


  • Understanding v agreement
  • The path that empathy plays in emotional intelligence
  • The importance of empathy in critical relationships
  • LAER Model (Listen Acknowledge Explore Respond)
  • Empathy and attunement worksheet and role-play
  • Building blocks of empathy


  • Personal commitments and self-development checklists
  • Plan do review revisited
  • The ‘Marvelous Morning’ using the early morning to make space for personal development

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