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Sales Leader Workshop

Learn How To Develop Focused, Resilient & Motivated Sales Teams

Two Day, OPEN Sales Leader Workshop


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This two day open workshop in Hertfordshire enables sales leaders to learn how to develop focused, resilient and motivated sales teams.

Why you should attend?

Year-on-year targets have increased, but investment in headcount to deliver on these increased targets have not kept up, flat lined or even been reduced. The ubiquitous and fundamental question we are asked is how do we get more from our people? Whatever the results, the role of being a sales leader in the current environment means we are likely to be challenged by our management teams, all to do with ‘ how do we get more from our people’:

The sales leader challenge set

  • The Market Growth Challenge: Results are being driven by the market; what are you doing to get ahead of the market curve?
  • The 20:80 Challenge: Results are OK but 20% of your headcount are delivering 80% of the result, what are you doing to develop the 80%’?
  • The New Logo Challenge: Great results from run rate business from our existing customer base but what are you doing to drive business from new logo acquisition?
  • The New Product /Service Challenge: A vast % of the business is being taken from old product and service sets. Why is the uptake on the new product and service launched last quarter so poor?
  • The Heroic Save Challenge: Results are OK, but are driven by a ‘heroic save‘ approach at the end of the quarter. What are you doing to stabilise the results consistently month on month.
  • The Pipeline Development Challenge: Good result last quarter but pipeline coverage is not where it needs to be, leaving us exposed next quarter.
  • The Lead Conversion Challenge: We have invested a lot of marketing budget and resource in generating leads; why are the conversion rates so low?

How it works

The sales-mind sales leadership workshop combines traditional management and coaching models with thought leadership in psychologies and neuroscience.
It provides sales leaders with a tool kit of techniques; mental constructs and structured exercises they can take back and use to develop focused resilient and motivated sales teams.

What you can expect on the 2-day interactive workshop

Recurring Themes:

  • The aggregation of marginal gains: Developing a thirst for self-development for teams and ourselves
  • My Chimp: A pragmatic model of how our reptilian brain can derail us
  • Neuroplasticity: How our brains learn
  • Mindfulness: How to train the brain to stay focused and in the moment

Traditional management models on:

  • Leadership Styles
  • Giving Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Skill Will Matrix
  • Developing a Performance Culture


  • Identifying the key activities that make success happen
  • Understanding displacement activities and their causes Activity management exercise
  • The multitasking myth Urgent v important matrix
  • Types of activity levels Managing technology (mobiles email) v it managing us
  • Plan – do – review weekly meeting


  • Understanding the negativity bias
  • Empty positive thinking is not the answer
  • Hitting the ‘emotional pause button’
  • ABCDE – Adversity Beliefs Consequences Disputation Execution
  • Learned optimism – Explanatory styles (Personal Permanent Pervasive)
  • Adversity worksheet exercise
  • Overcoming our fears


  • Intrinsic v extrinsic motivation
  • Purpose Autonomy Mastery
  • Building a team value set
  • Fixed v growth mindset

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Comments from a recent post workshop survey:

“Very interactive and engaging sessions, clearly demonstrated by need for little/no slide ware”

“I like the fact it not PowerPoint – clear vision boards for key items worked well.”

“Just found the entire day massively useful in re-energising me personally”

“It is a very particular type of training – many people are familiar with some of these concepts but it brings them together well”

“I had a great time and learned something new, useful to all sales people.”

“It’s not specific to sales, the concepts can be adopted to many areas and minds, if you don’t need help in all the areas covered, you’ll still get value from some of them.”

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