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Sales Fundamentals

Improve Sales Performance: Planning, Solution Selling, Negotiation & Closing Techniques

Using thought leadership and best-in-class methodology and models. sales-mind blends traditional sales skills with the tools, techniques and mental constructs to ensure that the skills are applied in the workplace. Our sales training enhances personal focus, resilience, motivation, self-confidence and empathy.

What I will learn? Account Planning

  • Understanding the customer's external environment
  • SWOT customer v external environment and competition
  • Customers' ‘business drivers’
  • Solution mapping 
  • Strategic messaging 
  • Heat map/solution coverage
  • Stakeholder mapping 
  • Goals-milestones 30-day action plan
  • Account plan governance

What I will learn: Solution Selling

  • Selling in a complex environment
  • Problem identification/needs analysis
  • Active listening and empathy 
  • Delivering business insights 
  • Developing a sales strategy
  • Designing and presenting value-based proposition 
  • Customer decision-making process and stakeholder mapping
  • Qualification process

What I will learn? Negotiations

  • Defining a negotiation
  • Attributes of a good negotiator 
  • Win/Win philosophy 
  • Objective setting
  • BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) - Walk away position 
  • Evaluating ‘tradeables’
  • Trading limits (ODE Optimal Desirable Essential) 
  • 'What if' scenario planning
  • Bargaining in practice 

How it works

  • Maximise account potential 
  • Build breadth, depth and resilience into account relationships 
  • Move away from being viewed as a commodity provider
  • Involve the entire virtual sales team towards a consistent approach
  • Increase average deal size in revenue and margin
  • Increase sales forecast accuracy 
  • Best practice process and models 
  • Enhanced management and self-coaching 

Next steps

1. Initial Meeting

Approx. 1-hour interactive meeting discussing current sales force challenges and sales‐mind positioning and approach.

2. Taster Session

1-hour (with non-commercial obligation) interactive session allowing key stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate the sales-­mind approach before committing to a sales training programme.

3. Programme Negotiations

Agree commercials, sales training programme construct, business objectives, KPIs, logistics.

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