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sales-mind resource library

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Download our company sales training brochure together with other useful sales materials and resources for business development directors, sales managers, sales directors and HR.

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 sales-mind - Problem Map

Empathy and Attunement exercise worksheet

Self Development Checklists - Empathy

Self Development Checklists - Focus

Self Development Checklists - Mindfullness

Active Listening

Displacement Activities


Leaving Party Exercise

Sales-Mind - Activity Exercise

Sales-Mind - Building Competancy

Go Marvel - YouTube Video

sales-mind - Brochure

sales-mind Adversity Worksheet

Self Development Checklists - Motivation

Self Development Checklists - Recurring Themes

Self Development Checklists - Resilience

Pre-Mortem (Fear Template)

Process Worksheet

Tactics for taking in the good

Management Playbook

Sales-Mind - Empathy Development

Stoic Test Challenge

Plan Do Review - YouTube Video

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