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Five challenges affecting sales performance

Sales Manager Training

A recent study by Sales Benchmark found that only 22% of sales staff regularly meet their sales performance targets. Another study by Think Training, Nightingale Conant and Trainique uncovered that 90% of CEO’s said their sales staff focused on low payoff activities or called on the wrong people. They also found that 86% of CEO’s said their sales staff had negative thinking or self talk that was damaging their sales efforts.

There are five challenges that can be blamed for detrimentally affecting sales performance in sales teams and they are “all about mindset”:

Prospecting Challenge: Not enough time is spent effectively sales prospecting.

Conversation Challenge: The breadth and depth of customer conversation is not happening or at the right level. There is a propensity to open up the laptop ‘show up and throw up’ about how great ‘we’ are.

Qualification Challenge: Sales deals are not qualified hard enough leading to unrealistic and inflated sales forecasts.

Adversity Challenge: Setbacks result in a reverting to comfort zones and displacement activities.

Confidence Challenge: Don’t be fooled by macho, egotistical outward show this can belie an inward self doubt and lack of confidence that manifests itself in the other four generic challenges.

Our sales training can help sales teams overcome these challenges to improve their sales performance and achieve their sales targets.

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