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‘The Selling Mindset’ free event at Hertford Castle

The Selling Mindset

Free Event for Local Entrepreneurs in Hertford

The Selling MindsetHertford Town Council will be hosting the next Hertford Entrepreneurs event on Thursday
19th October 2017 at Hertford Castle, from 18.30 until 20.00.

Entrepreneurs are invited to register online to attend the free of charge event, which looks at
‘The Selling Mindset’.

This event is aimed at improving sales performance and personal effectiveness by
addressing the mental side of sales work. The guest speaker, Mark Williams, will aid
entrepreneurs with a tool kit to enhance mental strength, focus, resilience, motivation,
confidence and empathy. This presentation is relevant to all roles and will help with self
development of entrepreneurs at all stages in their career.

Hertford Entrepreneurs Chairman, Isabel Sigmac said: “I am delighted that Mark Williams
agreed to be our guest speaker for the upcoming Hertford Entrepreneurs event. This event is
aimed at all businesses and will be different from traditional skills training in that it addresses
the mental side of sales work. The event is free to attend and entrepreneurs will need to
register online to secure a space.”

To attend the event entrepreneurs must register online at

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