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Making eye contact bad for sales?

This Harvard Business Review blog suggests making eye contact might cause resistance in the sales process. Our view would be …

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“The real enemy of sales people today isn’t their arch-rivals; it’s no decision.”

This HBR blog from earlier this year is an instructive reminder that drift, no decision and inertia can be more …

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Neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson’s view of making good experiences stick

Neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson has been consistently excellent in making the scientific case for mindfulness. In this video, he provides …

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Need to grow your business but don’t like selling?

All our work to date since we formed sales-mind in early 2012 has been with teams of full-time sales people. …

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The case for empathy in sales training

This HBR blog stresses caught my eye as it stresses the need for empathy in sales training due to its importance …

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Mindfulness and Sales Results

Mindfulness has recently got quite a bit of coverage in the context of leadership and work effectiveness. Apart from our …

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Turning a hard day into a great one

While we mostly use evidence-based research to build the content of the sales-mind sales training programme, every so often we …

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Team Motivation – what motivates people?

Building on the work of Dan Pink in Drive, behavioural economist Dan Ariely shares some of his own research in …

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Happy 70th birthday MBTI – but aren’t you getting a bit long in the tooth?

A fellow psychologist recently forwarded me this link to the Myers Briggs site since it’s the 70th anniversary of the MBTI …

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“Is the digital age rewiring us, changing the way we shop, work and play?”

Take a look at this article in this morning’s Telegraph which is a great summary of the way in which …

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