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Motivating sales people with purpose, mastery and autonomy

So sales people aren’t coin-operated after all. This post from last week on speaks to the point we often make in …

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“You will become less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.” David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Last night I finished reading Mindwise by Nicholas Epley which features this quote from Infinite Jest as a chapter heading …

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Can you really “get inside a prospect’s head”?

Nicholas Epley on why getting inside someone else’s head is so difficult … Many sales people we meet have at …

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What does football have to do with the science of selling?

It’s possible to over-do the relationship between sport and business and for those of us that have sat through “punch-the-air” …

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Focusing on the sales metrics you can control

This recent blog on Inc. makes perfect sense – the huge emphasis on forecasting we see in a lot of …

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What multi-tasking does to the brain – RIP Clifford Nass

Sad to hear Clifford Nass’s premature death announced yesterday at 55. His Stanford talk on multi-tasking is one of the …

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Making eye contact bad for sales?

This Harvard Business Review blog suggests making eye contact might cause resistance in the sales process. Our view would be …

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“The real enemy of sales people today isn’t their arch-rivals; it’s no decision.”

This HBR blog from earlier this year is an instructive reminder that drift, no decision and inertia can be more …

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Neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson’s view of making good experiences stick

Neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson has been consistently excellent in making the scientific case for mindfulness. In this video, he provides …

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Need to grow your business but don’t like selling?

All our work to date since we formed sales-mind in early 2012 has been with teams of full-time sales people. …

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