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Five Signs That Your Sales Team Lacks Mental Toughness

The traditional response to the need to improve sales performance is to reach for training in skills and techniques: “My …

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Inflated Sales Forecasts? It’s All in the Mind.

Sales forecasting accuracy is less, in our view, about skills and techniques and more about mental toughness. Read more on …

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Sale People: Born or Made?

We have been featured as guest blogger on the Synermetric blog. We believe that with optimism, grit, mental toughness or …

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Being ignored is worse than being rejected during the sales process

In our latest contribution to Sales Initiative’s online series on motivation, we look at why hearing nothing back can be …

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The Surprising Truth About Values.

Sales Initiative Magazine has published a small piece from us here as part of their weekly motivation series for sales …

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The Marshmallow Test In Business

Those that have viewed Joachim de Posada’s TedX talk in our sales training workshops will have enjoyed his recreation of …

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Why being an ape – or a tiger – may not help with confidence in selling

I recently attended a sales conference during which a speaker recommended gorilla-style dominant posturing in front of the mirror before …

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Motivating sales people with purpose, mastery and autonomy

So sales people aren’t coin-operated after all. This post from last week on speaks to the point we often make in …

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“You will become less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.” David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Last night I finished reading Mindwise by Nicholas Epley which features this quote from Infinite Jest as a chapter heading …

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Can you really “get inside a prospect’s head”?

Nicholas Epley on why getting inside someone else’s head is so difficult … Many sales people we meet have at …

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