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How stoic philosophy and the CIA can empower sales performance

To improve sales performance, the need to be resilient is arguably a more important personal attribute in a sales role than …

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Sales Pipeline Development Strategy

The part that mindset plays in sales pipeline development

In sales, when we’re approaching the end of the month or a …

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The ‘Chimp’ and its influence on modern sales techniques

If you’ve read Steve Peters’ seminal work, The Chimp Paradox, you’ll be aware of the useful way that Peters models …

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Five challenges affecting sales performance

A recent study by Sales Benchmark found that only 22% of sales staff regularly meet their sales performance targets. Another …

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Do your sales teams still wear flares?

Do your sales teams still wear flares? For those who missed the ‘70s, Wikipedia describes flares as “a style of trousers that …

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Thinking has come to sales

A recent study of 2,663 sales organisations by Think Training, Nightingale Conant and Trainique uncovered five areas, which shed light …

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The “Domino Effect” – challenges in the sales environment

The purpose of this ‘domino effect’ blog is to offer a general challenge: To focus on the key activity in …

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“Loving The Sales Process”

So much of the challenge of dealing with rejection that anybody involved in selling has to confront is about managing …

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Sales people don’t spend enough time effectively prospecting

Sales people don’t spend enough time effectively prospecting: when I have stated this contention to sales leaders, I can’t think …

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Planning sales targets challenges

Most sales directors will have three questions in mind when planning sales targets and forecasts:

How can I increase revenue?
How can …

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