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What motivates us at work; it is probably not what you think!

What’s money got to do with it?

Let us take money off the table, now what motivates us?

It’s several things; we …

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Mindset: A company wide strategic issue

Mindset Development Group Positioning Paper

Culture and Behavioural Context 

Organisational culture encompasses values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and …

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Marvellous mornings

‘Execution is the missing link between aspirations and results’ – Larry Bossidy Ram Charan

Following our workshops, delegates leave with a …

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Don’t let the important be a victim of the urgent

It’s in the implementation

Following our workshops, delegates leave with a great desire to implement the core course concepts. However, execution …

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On Intellectual Humility

To be uncertain is uncomfortable but to be certain is ridiculous – Socrates

There is one trait in others I admire, …

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Mindset when selling to Government

The job of sales has changed. That is as accurate in the Government sector as in the commercial.

The traditional view …

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10 tips on effective sales management

1. Move from doing to enabling others

Look for the opportunity with every engagement with your team to develop their capabilities.  Get …

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What is Empathy and why is it important?

The ability to demonstrate someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that …

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Management Coaching Playbook

87% of the effect of traditional sales training dissipates and dies over a 3-month period (source Huthwaite Int.). Whilst the …

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Confirmation bias and its effect on effective sales qualification

The problem

As sales people we don’t qualify hard enough and there’s good reason……….Confirmation Bias.

So what is confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias occurs …

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