Sales-Mind is now part of The Mindset Development Group.


Need to grow your business but don’t like selling?

All our work to date since we formed sales-mind in early 2012 has been with teams of full-time sales people. Whether desk agents making transactional sales or senior account managers selling solutions, they have all had targets to meet and selling is what they do. Even full-time sales people need help managing adversity and the work we have done on focus, resilience and motivation has resulted in noticeable uplifts in sales performance.

Having said that we work with full-time sales people, we are increasingly being asked by professional firms, such as consultancies, how they can get better at selling recognising that selling is not what they do full-time. While they need to grow their business, selling is not a pursuit they naturally throw themselves into. For some, it’s something in which they lack confidence; for others, selling is the world of the brash salesman and, when pressed, they admit that they view the activity with distaste.

Recognising that professional services need to sell in order to grow, we now run two-day selling mindset sales workshops geared specifically for non-sales.

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