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The Brain: Most Important Sales Tool

The Brain

Question: ‘What is the most important sales tool that you use on a day by day basis?’

Answer: CRM, databases, laptops, mobiles, playbooks, presenters, (and other sales aids), client records, market data…

…these are the most popular answers provided by delegates of the sales-mind programme.

Very few answer ‘the brain’. Yet everything we sense, perceive, think and emote comes from the brain. ‘We are a product of our neurobiology’ as David Eagleman, (an American writer and neuroscientist, serving as an adjunct associate professor at Stanford University), puts it. It appears the mind is what the brain does.

A vast percentage of the working population know very little about how the brain or mind works and how it affects our behaviour and decision-making in general. Therefore they operate in unchecked autopilot mode.

Mental Health Awareness Week 8th-14th May 2017 ‘striving to thriving’

This is very apt, as last week was Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. Companies such as KPMG are pioneering the importance that mental health plays in the workplace.

Acute mental health conditions, such as depression, panic attacks, bipolar and schizophrenia,require specialist help. However, there are tactics and habits that can help us all thrive despite the fact that we all have to deal with macerations of our own inner dialogue or mental chatter.

Enhancing mental toughness for the healthy sales-mind

Our contention is the untapped dimension of improving successful sales performance through mindset; the enhancing dimensions such as focus, resilience, motivation, self-confidence and empathy. Interestingly,these elements are key to improved personal effectiveness but would rarely, if ever, be uncovered by a traditional training needs analysis.

Mental strength as a source of competitive advantage

The objectives of Mental Health Awareness Week are to raise the public and government’s awareness and perception of mental health issues. At sales-mind we deploy thought leadership in evidence-based psychologies, behavioural economics, stoicism and neuroscience to help sales teams demonstrate greater self-determination, clarity of thinking, enhanced resilience and motivation. In years to come, mental fitness and performance will have the same importance as that of physical fitness and diet and will indeed represent to date generally under-utilised a source of competitive advantage for organisations in all sectors.

We at sales-mind support and wish The Mental Health Foundation well in its noble aspirations and goals.

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