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Management Playbook

87% of the effect of traditional sales training dissipates and dies over a 3-month period (source Huthwaite Int.). Whilst the sales-mind content is very different from traditional sales training, we recognise that even the best content needs reinforcing. To affect any change McKinsey Consulting Group define a term named ‘pivotal role’: The role that is pivotal to the success of any project. To us, in the context of the sales-mind approach, this is represented by the sales management role.

The sales-mind programme ingrains responsibility within individual delegates for their own development and behaviour. However, we acknowledge this could only be helped by providing a coaching guide or playbook for the sales management teams.

The sales-mind management playbook introduces a series of exercises supporting and aligned to the key sales-mind recurring themes and modules. The sales manager can use this in their 1-2-1 coaching sessions and sales meetings.

Success in any role can be put down to a winning combination of raw talent and the development of skills, knowledge aligned to a best practice process (x effort). This combination is necessary but not sufficient, the missing element is mindset:  The mental attributes of focus, resilience, motivation, confidence, and empathy. Until recently these were thought to be a ‘set point’ in the genes that we were born with. Modern neuroscience has disproved this and whatever our start points, these attributes can be enhanced (as with any skill).

Developed using evidence-based concepts in psychologies, behavioural economics, and neuroscience. The sales-mind content delivers a set of tools techniques and mental constructs to enhance the mental strength in sales teams. Namely focus, resilience, motivation, confidence, and empathy. The unique approach has built a great reputation for delivering real value and has case studies with a number of companies such as blue chip’s vmware, BT and CA Technologies to SME’s in a range of differing sectors and sales dynamics.

The playbook comprises of 60 pages depicting 19 different exercises. Each exercise is broken down into 5 stages:

  • Concept
  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Supporting Tools
  • Background Reading

QR codes are available in the playbook to download supporting worksheets, blogs and videos.

If you are interested in learning more about the sales-mind approach to enhancing sales team focus, resilience and motivation please contact us at

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