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What has luck got to with it? (Sales Success)

What is luck?

The dictionary definition of luck is ‘success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.’ Or to quote Seneca isn’t ‘Luck where preparation meets opportunity’

Hoping for luck is not a strategy

If we rely on luck and luck alone, success is unlikely to happen repeatedly over the long haul, so then hope becomes our strategy and …hope is not a strategy we can rely on.

So what part does luck play in being successful in sales?

To what extent do we make our own luck? How do we make this happen for us?   This blog provides some answers.

Making our own luck: Earned Serendipity

We can be responsible for ensuring the work we put in affords luck the greatest chance of being on our side.  We can do this through self discipline, making sure the quality and quantity of the work we put out is aligned to the right tasks, so allowing luck the greatest chance of happening and success following on.  A scenario we call ‘earned serendipity’.
We can only ever be responsible for our own behaviour. However challenging the situation, we can step up and audit our own ways of working:

  • Are we spending enough time effectively prospecting?
  • Are we having the breadth and depth of conversations with the right people in the customer’s decision-making processes?
  • Are we qualifying hard enough?
  • Do we bounce back from setbacks stronger than before or immerse ourselves in displacement activities and comfort zones?
  • Is our confidence based on our genuine competence or does it manifest itself as bluster and arrogance?

‘Doing the same things and expecting different results is the definition of insanity’- Einstein


What do we need to change about our own methods of working to give luck the best possible chance of happening for us?

It’s all about the timing – do more wisely

My experience has been that the old adage runs true: the harder we work the luckier we get.  There is a caveat here: working on the right activities with the right skill and knowledge.  In sales an awful lot of the success is due to timing.  How often have we had a barren day prospecting and all we want to do is to quit and have a beer or wine and feel sorry for ourselves, but it is that last call when the earned serendipity strikes and the prospect takes the meeting.

Play the Long Game

In the final analysis nobody can ever stop us trying: trying to go the extra mile, trying with 10 times the effort.  If we do this, trusting our best practice methods over the long game we have done our part of giving lady luck the best part of doing hers.

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