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Category: Sales Leadership

On Intellectual Humility

To be uncertain is uncomfortable but to be certain is ridiculous – Socrates

There is one trait in others I admire, …

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10 tips on effective sales management

1. Move from doing to enabling others

Look for the opportunity with every engagement with your team to develop their capabilities.  Get …

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Management Coaching Playbook

87% of the effect of traditional sales training dissipates and dies over a 3-month period (source Huthwaite Int.). Whilst the …

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Why The Apprentice should be fired for its impact on aspiring salespeople

“I am hard, cold and unstoppable.”

“Weak people have no place in business.”

Two quotes from past participants in The Apprentice, which …

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Why sales training doesn’t stick

The sales training challenge

As a sales leader who has invested in sales training programmes, have you experienced post-event disappointment?

Such as …

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Sales director roles & responsibilities

Over the last few years, a number of recurring themes have come out of the conversations we have had with …

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The ‘Chimp’ and its influence on modern sales techniques

If you’ve read Steve Peters’ seminal work, The Chimp Paradox, you’ll be aware of the useful way that Peters models …

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Five challenges affecting sales performance

A recent study by Sales Benchmark found that only 22% of sales staff regularly meet their sales performance targets. Another …

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Do your sales teams still wear flares?

Do your sales teams still wear flares? For those who missed the ‘70s, Wikipedia describes flares as “a style of trousers that …

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Thinking has come to sales

A recent study of 2,663 sales organisations by Think Training, Nightingale Conant and Trainique uncovered five areas, which shed light …

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