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Category: Motivation

What motivates us at work; it is probably not what you think!

What’s money got to do with it?

Let us take money off the table, now what motivates us?

It’s several things; we …

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Formula for sales achievement

Effort is twice as important than talent

<-> D then (T x E) =S (S X E)= SA

<-> If
D = Desire
T …

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Is effort twice as important as talent when recruiting for a sales role?

A large number of organisations have departments and initiatives aligned to the word talent. It has become the management buzzword …

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Developing Competence Based Self-Confidence in the Sales Environment

The Oxford English Dictionary defines self-confidence as: A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement. This can be …

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Sale People: Born or Made?

We have been featured as guest blogger on the Synermetric blog. We believe that with optimism, grit, mental toughness or …

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The Surprising Truth About Values.

Sales Initiative Magazine has published a small piece from us here as part of their weekly motivation series for sales …

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Why being an ape – or a tiger – may not help with confidence in selling

I recently attended a sales conference during which a speaker recommended gorilla-style dominant posturing in front of the mirror before …

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Motivating sales people with purpose, mastery and autonomy

So sales people aren’t coin-operated after all. This post from last week on speaks to the point we often make in …

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What does football have to do with the science of selling?

It’s possible to over-do the relationship between sport and business and for those of us that have sat through “punch-the-air” …

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Team Motivation – what motivates people?

Building on the work of Dan Pink in Drive, behavioural economist Dan Ariely shares some of his own research in …

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