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Category: Focus

What multi-tasking does to the brain – RIP Clifford Nass

Sad to hear Clifford Nass’s premature death announced yesterday at 55. His Stanford talk on multi-tasking is one of the …

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Making eye contact bad for sales?

This Harvard Business Review blog suggests making eye contact might cause resistance in the sales process. Our view would be …

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Turning a hard day into a great one

While we mostly use evidence-based research to build the content of the sales-mind sales training programme, every so often we …

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Carpe Diem To Improve Sales Performance

“Seize the day” must be one of most used Latin phrases since its popularisation in the Robin Williams film The …

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Teaching your brain to focus

Take a look at last week’s blog on Harvard Business Review co-authored by Paul Hammerness MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

The post is a good …

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