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Category: Focus

Focus is a superpower in a distracting world

Our ability to focus on what we choose, when we want to, is the most important factor in our ability …

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The Art of a Great Question

Who would you rather hire: someone who asks great questions, or someone who gives great answers? If you’re pursuing innovation, …

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Procrastination, Perfection and Paralysis the three enemies of focus

The human mind is the greatest enemy when trying to focus on the hard work required to be successful at …

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Marvellous mornings

‘Execution is the missing link between aspirations and results’ – Larry Bossidy Ram Charan

Following our workshops, delegates leave with a …

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Don’t let the important be a victim of the urgent

It’s in the implementation

Following our workshops, delegates leave with a great desire to implement the core course concepts. However, execution …

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Confirmation bias and its effect on effective sales qualification

The problem

As sales people we don’t qualify hard enough and there’s good reason……….Confirmation Bias.

So what is confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias occurs …

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Using fear to live up to our true sales potential

Genetic and generic challenges

Fear is deep routed in our evolutionary psychology.  Fear enabled us to use the reactionary instinctive aspects …

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All you need is (tough) love

Thanks to the Beatles
This blog draws on the steer that the Beatles gave in their 1967 hit All You Need …

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What has luck got to with it? (Sales Success)

What is luck?

The dictionary definition of luck is ‘success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own …

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10 top tips to achieving mental toughness

I am often asked about how to achieve mental toughness in the sales environment.

Here are my top ten tips.

1. CIA …

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