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Focus is a superpower in a distracting world

Our ability to focus on what we choose, when we want to, is the most important factor in our ability …

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We live in the golden age of self development- don’t waste it!

We live in a privileged age: Everything we would ever want to know about anything that humankind has learnt is …

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We always have a choice, so choose wisely!

Deep down, we all know our choices ultimately determine our behaviour and those behaviours ultimately determine our outcomes.

Do we have …

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Am I caring for my mind right now?

In these extraordinary times there is a lot that is outside our control. However the one thing we can do …

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Personal Opportunities and Hope for us all through and out of the COVID 19 outbreak


‘I can’t change the wind, but I can adjust my sails.’

– Jimmy Dean 

The wind of the COVID 19 outbreak is …

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Using a bit of stoic philosophy to help us through the COVID 19 outbreak

‘Our calm mind is our ultimate weapon against our challenges.’ 

Bryant McGill

The single most important practice in Stoic philosophy is differentiating …

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The Art of a Great Question

Who would you rather hire: someone who asks great questions, or someone who gives great answers? If you’re pursuing innovation, …

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Procrastination, Perfection and Paralysis the three enemies of focus

The human mind is the greatest enemy when trying to focus on the hard work required to be successful at …

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The brain as our most important sales tool

The most important business tool we have at our disposal is not our mobile phone, tablet, CRM or playbooks. We …

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3 Mantras to take with us everywhere

The obstacle is the way.

The ego is the enemy.

Stillness is the key.

I am indebted to Ryan holiday for authoring three …

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