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The Mindset Programme

Challenges of being a sales director

Developing Focused & Motivated Sales People

Sales training to develop mental strength & performance of corporate sales teams & individuals

Our sales training courses and workshops afford business leaders the opportunity to invest in both senior sales professionals and their sales teams in a different and thought provoking way leaving a legacy of self-determination, clear thinking and enhanced effectiveness.

We offer bespoke onsite sales training courses for both companies and individuals tailored to your business objectives.

Our unique sales courses help to improve team motivation and sales performance.

Contact us now for more information about our sales coaching in London, Hertfordshire and throughout the UK.

Featured Case Studies

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    Sales Training for BT Local Business – Wolverhampton

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    CA Technologies – UK Major Account Team

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    BT Local Business – Cambridgeshire

Sales Management Courses

We have found that the way best way we can add value is by helping Sales Leaders in their leadership and management role. Often they struggle with the task of ensuring their sales teams match their own high standards. This is because they are usually outstanding sales people to whom mental strength comes naturally. Developing a Sales Leader understanding of how to instill Focus, Resilience, Motivation, Self Confidence and Empathy in their teams pays off with sustained performance improvement.


Sales Team Training & Motivation

Using your sales force to unlock their own potential. Giving your sales teams the tools, techniques and mental constructs to enhance motivation, self efficacy, clear thinking, collaborative team working and sales performance.


Sales Fundamentals Course

Using thought leadership and best in class methodology and models. The sales-mind blends traditional sales skills with the tools techniques and mental constructs to ensure that the skills are applied by sales executives in the work place. Enhancing personal Focus, Resilience, Motivation, Self Confidence and Empathy.


Sales Leadership Training

The sales mind approach blends traditional leadership and management theory and models with the tools techniques and mental constructs to enhance personal and team focus, resilience, motivation, self confidence and empathy. This course is suitable for sales directors and business development managers.


Help To Overcome Sales Challenges

Sales leaders are faced with year-on-year hikes in revenue and profit targets, challenges to achieve without headcount increases. The recurring question we hear from business owners and sales directors is: how can I get more from my sales teams and sales managers?

sales-mind can help you overcome sales challenges and improve your sales performance.

The hard challenges that sales directors face include:

  • Your sales numbers are only keeping pace with market growth.
  • You are not retaining your best sales staff.
  • 20% of your sales team are delivering 80% of the numbers: what are the rest doing?
  • Conversion rates from sales leads delivered by marketing are below your expectations.
  • Your sales team are not selling across the company’s range of products and services.
  • Not enough business is coming from ‘new logos’.
  • Your sales managers are not effectively coaching your current and new sales people.

Do any of these challenges resonate with you?

sales-mind has found that enhancing the self-determination, self-regulation, focus, resilience, motivation and confidence of our clients’ sales teams these challenges can be overcome. We challenge the conventional wisdom on how you train your sales teams and offer a new, modern approach to sales training courses.

What makes our sales coaching courses different?

sales-mind’s Mark Williams has constructed a sales training programme that addresses the challenges of selling in the 21st century. The approach of our sales training consultants is very different from traditional types of process and methodology sales training courses in that it addresses the mental side of work. The content has been drawn from evidence-based thought leadership in psychologies, behavioural economics and neurosciences. It delivers tools, techniques and mental constructs enhancing focus, resilience, motivation/self-confidence and empathy. The object is to afford business sales directors the opportunity to invest in their sales teams and business development managers in a different and thought-provoking way, leaving a legacy of self-determination, clear thinking and enhanced effectiveness.

Sales coaching testimonial from BT

“The sales-mind training programme gave my sales team the self-belief and focus to move from a product to a solution-based sales approach.”

Managing Director at BT

“They work in a tough industry sector, we are a tough company to work for; they do a tough job and I am tough on them. I feel this sales training programme will leave a lasting legacy and I have invested in them with something that really helps.”

SVP UK & Ireland

vmware Testimonial

"sales-mind delivered a refreshingly different workshop to a team who were embarking on some radical change in their working environment. The content delivered a toolkit of concepts that enhanced their confidence and resilience. With a lot of external distraction to deal with it helped them stay mentally strong, focused and are on their way to delivering on the investment made."

Chris Hardy EMEA Sales Director vmware vCloud Air

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