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Sales Team Training/Motivation

Getting Your Sales Teams To Unlock Their Own True Potential

The sales-mind flagship Sales Team Training/Motivation course is a very different approach to traditional types of process and methodology sales training in that it addresses the mental side of sales. Our sales training workshops deliver tools, techniques and mental constructs enhancing focus, resilience, motivation/self-confidence and empathy.   The object is to afford business development directors the opportunity to invest in their sales teams in a different and thought-provoking way, leaving a legacy of self-determination, clear thinking and enhanced sales performance.

Our motivational sales training is delivered in modules that can be shaped into 1 x 2-day workshop, 2 x 1-day workshops or 4 x 1/2-day workshops.

Sales Team Training
Sales Team Motivation



Learning Outcomes:
Renewed focus on key activities that make success happen. Enhanced ability to bounce back from setbacks and adversity.

  • Time allocated to core selling activities - structured exercise
  • CIA - Control Influence Accept model
  • The brain - our most important business tool
  • Chimp paradox - a model of the brain
  • The multi-tasking myth
  • Urgent v important
  • Personal plan–do–review - time management model
  • Self-coaching
  • Pomodoro technique - for avoiding distractions
  • Managing Technology vs It managing you
  • Negativity bias
  • Learned optimism
  • Explanatory styles - dealing with adversity
  • Taking in the good
  • Introduction to Alumni resource and LinkedIn user group



Learning Outcomes:
Understanding the drivers of confidence and self-motivation. Enhanced collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers.

  • The determinations of competence-based confidence
  • Intrinsic v extrinsic motivation
  • Purpose Autonomy Mastery
  • Personal and sales team values
  • Fixed v growth mindset
  • Being a winner - a new perspective
  • A radical experiment with empathy
  • Spotlight effect
  • Active listening exercise
  • Empathy with clients and colleagues
  • Introduction to the concepts of mindfulness
  • Delayed gratification
  • Focus on the inputs of the sales process

How our sales training improves motivation and sales performance

  • Putting you in control of a sales process that makes success happen
  • Enhancing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-regulation.
  • Ownership of the responsibility for one's own behaviour, own self-development and for being a good team player.
  • Improved sales pipeline development.

Next steps

1. Initial Meeting

Approx. 1-hour interactive meeting discussing current sales force challenges and sales-­mind positioning and approach.

2. Taster Session

1-hour (with non-commercial obligation) interactive session allowing key stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate the sales‐mind approach before committing to a sales training programme.

3. Programme Negotiations

Agree commercials, sales training programme construct, business objectives, KPIs, logistics.

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